The Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital (NZCCM) is a place where visitors can view our veterinary team in action!

This is a busy place, as it gives updates on our sick and injured patients, our quarantined animals and our incredible conservation partners, who are from all over Aotearoa. We also give updates on all the interesting research our team is doing at The New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine (NZCCM).

Open from 9.30am to 4pm daily, the New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine's (NZCCM) public viewing gallery offers visitors clear views into the centre's laboratory, large treatment room and operating theatre.

To maximise viewing, cameras above the operating tables in both the treatment room and the operating theatre relay the action onto a large screen in the gallery.

Open to visitors from 9.30am to 4pm, be sure to pop in to the hospital next time you visit us – you may see our team treating, feeding or operating on a patient or working on groundbreaking wildlife research!


A tour of our Vet Hospital

Join Senior Vet James on a behind the scenes tour of the Vet Hospital.