Squirrel monkey

Bolivian squirrel monkeys are full of surprises! Meet these cheeky and intelligent omnivores up close when you go behind the scenes and treat them to their favorite lunch.

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Galápagos tortoise

Marvel at these gentle giants as you treat them to a special afternoon snack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our behind-the-scenes experiences have a different minimum age to attend. Red panda experience – 7 years; Galapagos tortoise experience - 5 years. All experiences require a paying adult must accompany children under 15 years. For the Galapagos tortoise experience, each adult may supervise up to two children (5-8 years).

Note: all experiences require that a paying adult accompany children under 15 years.

It is best to contact our team at to discuss any disabilities so we can assess them on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, you can bring a camera on your behind-the-scenes experience. Your guide will have a camera with them, which they are trained to use. You will receive a copy of the photos your guide takes on a disk after your tour at no extra charge.

The price includes your zoo entry fee so feel free to come in earlier and stay at the Zoo after your behind-the-scenes experience.

Please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and covered walking shoes (e.g. sneakers). If we have bad weather, you may also want to wear a raincoat. To get the most from your Galapagos tortoise experience, please avoid wearing red and orange colours.

You can pay for your experience by credit card payment over the phone or other payment options in person at the Zoo's Information Centre.

We may need to cancel or postpone your behind-the-scenes experience due to stormy weather. We will contact you if this is the case.

We have a hands-off policy with most of our animals. We can’t guarantee physical contact with the animals on any experience.

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